How do we build?

We build from scratch. We finish at shell and core or at turnkey. We offer a helping hand so that the investor can just relax.

Construction is a complex process that requires solidity and a fixed plan for each stage.

what are your needs and your possibilities?

Setting expectations

Think about what do you expect from your investment. For whom and for what purpose it will serve? Do you need any special improvement or innovative technological solutions?

Determining the budget

You need to know your own financial capacity. Do you already have capital? If you are planning on taking a loan, than on what terms? What are the full and annual amounts that you want to allocate to the construction? Does the cost include buying the land? This will allow determining the maximum amount of money that you can use for building your house and later on will help with choosing the right design.


Getting ready for construction, you need to take into consideration the execution period of each stage, that is acquiring the right building plot, choosing a design together with its adaptation, obtaining the construction permit and building the house itself.

Choosing the architectural design

In order to avoid unnecessary problems while choosing the design, you need to answer a couple of key questions. How many people will be living in our house? What requirements does our house have to meet? Where will be built our house? What budget do we have? Thanks to that, it will be easier to choose the right type of house, its size and to determine the true costs of the construction. Tell your designer what your needs and expectations are. Specify the cost of the service. Make sure that your financial capacity allows you to carry out the whole development.

Obtaining the construction permit

At this stage we adapt the design to the conditions of the building plot. At this stage, there’s also a possibility of introducing changes to the purchased design or of adding some technical house equipment elements. What is essential, are most of all geotechnical investigations, Zoning Plan or Development Conditions, land survey and height map for design and project purposes and media connection conditions. We modify the design as necessary, i.e. in reference to technological solutions. We collect the documentation and submit it to competent authority.

Heliodon provides consulting on planning and construction budgeting as well as adjusting it to your needs.