What is the price of building a house? Is there a price per m2?

Due to the diversity of investments we carry out, it’s difficult for us to determine a calculable cost per m². Contact us at, to get an approximate or precise cost, you can also attach a complete project of the planned building.

Can I get an initial, more or less type of offer, without the final project?

Without analyzing the project, the offer won’t be meaningful, because its price range will be too wide. Therefore, it won’t resolve any doubts or financial objections. Initial as well as detailed offers are prepared based on a complete project documentation.


What documents are needed to receive an offer?

To prepare an offer, we need a complete construction design, which should be sent to It includes:

  1. architectural design (drawings + description)
  2. structural design (drawings + description)
  3. land development plan (drawings + description)
  4. geotechnical documentation
  5. under slab sewage system project
  6. construction permit (if there is one)

Can I get an offer breaking the cost down into materials and labor?

The scope of our services includes performing construction works together with buying the materials. Unfortunately, we do not prepare offers breaking the cost down into materials and labor.

What construction stages are included in your offer?

The first offer we prepare includes a shell without windows and doors. However, we can extend our cooperation with further stages, such as shell units or turnkey solutions. Preparing an offer for shell units is a relatively long process because of the number of common agreements. That’s why we work on it as soon as while working on the shell without windows and doors.

What is the scope of works of a shell without windows and doors?

Shell without windows and doors is a building structure together with the roof, and the scope of works includes:

  • earthworks
  • foundations
  • under slab sewage system and ground slab
  • back-filled foundations and trench
  • building bearing walls and partition walls
  • reinforced concrete deck slab and staircase
  • roof framework
  • roof cover together with skylights

All the works are supervised by our site manager.

How long does it take to prepare an offer?

Waiting time for an offer is around 2 weeks from the moment we receive all the necessary documents.

What should I pay attention to when comparing different offers?

We encourage everybody to read the materials we prepared, called “7 things you need to take into consideration while you choose a contractor for your house”.

Necessary documents

What documents do I need to build a house?

First of all, what you need is a construction project. If you don’t have that, we would gladly show you a trustworthy design office, that we cooperate with. If you already have the project of your dreams, the next step is a construction permit, your architect will help you with obtaining that.

What can I do if I don’t have an electronic version of my project?

In case there is no electronic version of the construction project, we advise to:

  1. ask the author to provide such a version
  2. scan the project
  3. give us the paper project for the time of the pricing
  4. make a photocopy remembering about keeping the colors

We strongly encourage you to take care of the electronic version, because it is very useful while pricing and on every stage of the construction.

Will I get an offer from you if I don’t have all the documents for the project?

In these cases, we follow the “give us what you have” rule. We will decide if the materials are enough for us to prepare a pricing or if we will need more.


How do the payments look like?

The payment is done in stages and as the works on the construction site progress. After each step of the construction is done, the works are accepted and an acceptance report is drawn up, based on which we will issue the invoice. The advance is settled in the first invoices.

What VAT rate applies to building a house?

For houses up to 300m², the VAT rate is 8%, and above 300m² - 23%. Therefore, e.g. a house the size of 400m² is settled proportionally: 300m² (3/4 of the price) at the rate of 8% and 100m² (1/4 of the price) at the rate of 23%. The same rules apply to semi-detached houses.

What VAT rate applies to an investor having a sole proprietorship?

In case the construction of the house is financed by a sole proprietorship, the rules are the same as in case of a natural person.


Is it possible to reserve a term?

Of course, reserving a term happens on signing of the agreement. Unfortunately, before that, we are not able to guarantee any terms.

What are the available terms?

Depending on the season, waiting time before we can start the construction is around 3-6 months from the moment of signing the agreement.

How long does it take to build a house?

How long the construction takes depends on a couple of factors:

  • the specifics of the construction project
  • the location of the building plot
  • the season, when we start construction

The construction process of a shell without windows and doors usually takes around 4-6 months. We will establish the time with more precision after we see the construction project.

Scope of services

What does the scope of your services include exactly?

We build single-family houses commissioned individually and commercial buildings. We offer a comprehensive scope of construction services and full logistic service. We coordinate all the stages of the process while giving a guarantee for the services we provided.

We do:

  • shells without windows and doors
  • shell units (in case of investors for whom we’ve already made a shell without windows and doors)
  • finishing works
  • land development (parking, connections, fence)

We also have narrow specializations, such as:

  • reinforced concrete constructions
  • waterproof concrete
  • architectural concrete
  • green roofs
  • smart homes

The scope of our services does not include:

  • services in terms of labor only
  • renovations
  • wooden houses
  • designing buildings

What method do you use for building houses?

We build brick houses. We make reinforced concrete structures (architectural or waterproof concrete). We put roofs with roof tiles, metal roofing tiles, aluminum sheet standing steam and flat roofs covered with e.g. EPDM rubber membrane.

Do you have ready construction projects?

Unfortunately, we don’t have ready projects. However, we do have a base of recommendable architects and design offices, which we cooperate with.

Do you help with the formalities related to building a house?

Until the moment of obtaining a construction permit, the architect helps with all the formalities and getting all the necessary documentation. From the moment of signing the agreement for a construction of a house, we happily help with many issues, such as:

  • construction notification
  • application for authorization of access for heavy trucks to ZIKiT
  • marking the site
  • putting up a temporary fence
  • temporary connections for construction purposes
  • preparing temporary access to the site

During the construction, we also provide:

  • services of a geologist
  • services of a surveyor
  • full service of a site manager

We can also recommend:

  • an architect
  • an archeologist
  • an interior designer