Why Heliodon?

Your future home requires a well thought out and solid construction process. If you leave it to one company, you get a guarantee of reliability, timeliness and cost efficiency. You won’t have to worry about anything.

Heliodon provides solid construction from the beginning to the end. You’ll show us the project and after a couple of months you’ll receive the keys to your new house. Each stage of the construction will be under your and our strict control. You will avoid postponing deadlines or unexpected budget increase. We work timely and according to high standards.

We’ve already implemented over 60 projects of single and multi-dwelling houses. While working on each and every one of them, we have also build trust and good relationships with our clients – that’s the part we’re especially proud of.

If you decide on Heliodon, you are provided with peace and confidence during the construction process. You can take pleasure from watching your house being developed. We will take care of the construction.

We provide:

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