Why Heliodon?

As a general contractor we provide both consistent completion of the whole investment process as well as thoroughness in carrying out each step. We follow a well thought out and proven logistic strategy. We adjust our technological and material decisions to the expectations of the investor and his budget assumptions.

We execute large-volume construction under a general construction system. We build, among others, office buildings, commercial objects, medical facilities, residential buildings, warehouses, industrial and production buildings.

We successfully collaborate with companies, developers, individual investors and public entities.

The benefits coming from choosing one company for the complex execution of the project are, most of all, the high quality of services, cost reduction and keeping the construction deadline.

We provide premium materials at discount prices and hardware infrastructure. We also carry out investments that include works like:

  • deconstruction and demolition
  • dewatering and protection of excavation
  • waterproof and fair-faced concrete
  • external infrastructure and land use
  • waterproofing of flat and green roofs

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